• PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…if you haven’t been professionally trained, I heavily suggest you find yourself a trainer to learn proper techniques and forms!  It is unbelievable what I see in the gyms…bad form and technique will only lead to injury.  It is so worth the investment to learn proper movements!
  • Ladies…if you are still scared to lift weights because you think you will get big like a man, you are wrong!  Lifting weights has so many benefits and should be part of your workout regimen.  (Blog about this soon to come!)
  • Men…check your ego at the gym door!  You don’t need to be lifting the entire gym.  In fact, less weight with more time under tension and great mind/muscle connection will give you bigger and better results (not to mention it’s a lot safer!)
  • Figure out YOUR best time to exercise.  For me, it’s in the afternoon usually around 3-4:30 start time.  If I scheduled myself to do morning workouts, I would not be successful.  Once you find your best time, schedule yourself!  Put it down on your calendar (which ever form you use).  Then, show up to your appointment!